Offshore Wind

Offshore wind is a key component of renewable energies. Salzgitter Mannesmann Renewables develops and distributes systems for the cost-effective construction of offshore wind jacket foundations.

Offshore wind energy will play a decisive role in the turnaround of energy supplies for years to come. By 2020, more than 5,000 wind turbines are planned in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea alone. One of the special challenges in such projects is the construction of offshore foundations.

At 74%, monopiles hold the largest market share by far. This will very probably change over the next few years. Especially at greater water depths, innovative and economically viable solutions are needed that can withstand the harsh offshore conditions and the loads involved as turbine outputs rise to 10 MW and rotor diameters to 200 m.

Salzgitter AG's subsidiaries and associated companies have already gained a great deal of experience in offshore wind projects and developed, manufactured and supplied suitable steel products for the construction of foundations. To promote the further expansion of offshore wind energy, Salzgitter Mannesmann Renewables interlinks its own expertise with that of strong industry partners.

Our research institute develops innovative and cost-saving steel components for offshore wind parks. A special supply chain concept for offshore wind jackets has significantly improved the competitiveness of our solution over other foundation types. Customers can thus profit from a cutting-edge foundation system – all from a single source. With the offshore wind octagon, we are offering another foundation structure design with significant savings potential for our customers.

To ensure a long service life for offshore wind turbines, we offer specific coatings that reliably protect the steel components from corrosion and wear even under extreme environmental conditions. Mannesmann Line Pipe was also involved in the research project KOWIND which developed a new kind of corrosion protection technology for offshore wind energy foundations. This provides an even higher level of protection, while simultaneously reducing the cost of coating.

Besides their use as tubes for supporting structures, our range of pipe, tube and bends comprises precision steel tubes for high-pressure turbine piping for oil supply to hydraulic components and systems (rotor brakes, locking mechanisms, pitch adjustment, gear lubrication), as well as cylinder barrel tubes and piston tubes


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