Offshore wind jackets

Wind jacket structures are increasingly being employed as foundations for offshore wind power plants. The Salzgitter Supply Chain Concept creates considerable cost savings for our customers.

Besides tripods and monopiles, jacket structures are set to become the state of the art in offshore foundations. Together with  design engineers, we have developed an innovative solution for industrially prefabricated offshore wind jackets. This means significant cost savings for both three- and four-legged jackets, especially in major projects. For the modular load-bearing structure, we exclusively use high-grade steel products from our own portfolio and prefabricated components.

Supply strategy

Salzgitter Mannesmann Renewables offers customers a complete installation kit of prefabricated components (columns, braces and nodes) for jacket structures. Since the components are made from primary products from the Salzgitter Group's portfolio, customers can freely mix and match the components they need to suit their jacket design.

Through the use of ultramodern production equipment and processes, we can achieve additional cost savings – for, example, by automatic welding of the nodes. The unique combination of standardized tubes from the Salzgitter Group and innovative production technology enables us to offer our customers high-quality offshore wind jackets with cost reductions of up to 30%. Our supply chain strategy allows us to deliver all the components as and when needed.

In addition to primary steel products for jacket structures, which can also be purchased as seperate components, Salzgitter Mannesmann Renewables, offers secondary steel components such as external ladders, platforms, boatlandings or J-tubes as semi-finished products (tubes, sections, steel sheet and plate) also individually available from our partner GS Staalwerke.


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