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Salzgitter Group companies have established themselves in the market as suppliers of a wide range of top-quality steel products. Their expertise is, of course, also available to our customers.

Pipe & pipe bends

Pipe, tube & bends

In the Salzgitter Group there are various experienced producers of high-quality steel pipes, tubes and bends for applications in the fields of renewable energy generation, storage and transport. » learn more

Sections & beams

Sections & beams

The Salzgitter Group company Peiner Träger GmbH ranks among the leading producers of sections and beams. The supply range covers a vast range of requirements and specifications. » learn more

Sheet & plate

Sheet & plate

The Salzgitter Group's plate rolling mills have a comprehensive portfolio for a vast range of applications, e.g. as starting material for the manufacture of monopole, Onshore-towers, transition pieces and wind jackets. » learn more


If you have any questions or requirements concerning the supply program of Salzgitter Mannesmann Renewables, we will be happy to receive your email at renewables@szmr.de.

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