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Solar energy

The technology of solar energy is progressing at a breathtaking pace. With precision tubes for the application in solar thermal energy plants we contribute to the development.

Solar energy application

Solar radiation is the energy basis, either directly or indirectly, for nearly all processes and forms of life on earth. For a long time, however, its utilization on a larger scale had not been particularly economical. But this has changed with the rapid progress of solar technology. In some regions, the costs of solar power plants are already much lower than those involved in fossil energy production, and this trend is clearly continuing.

One of the key technologies is the conversion of solar energy into thermal energy, which can either be used directly for heating or for the generation of electricity in solar thermal power plants. In the latter case, an efficient and reliable heat transfer network is essential.

We offer high-grade precision tubes and bended tubes, which are used in several areas of modern solar thermal power plants: they ensure long-term safe transportation of heat transfer media in solar fields or cookers, and they serve as heat accumulators and exchangers. Mannesmann Precision Tubes manufactures steel tubes for the energy industry in mill lengths of up to 30 m.


If you have any questions or requirements concerning our activities in the field of offshore wind, we will be happy to receive your email at solar-energy@szmr.de.

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