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Onshore Wind

Onshore wind energy is a cost-effective energy source of enormous importance. We support the efficient expansion of onshore capacities through an innovative wind tower concept.

Onshore wind power

Despite the significant contribution of onshore wind energy to a sustainable energy mix, its potential is far from being exhausted. All scenarios of future energy supplies forecast a continued expansion of onshore energy capacities. This makes it clear that, for some time to come, wind is poised to remain the driving force as an energy source in the turnaround to sustainable energy production.

Salzgitter AG subsidiaries and associated companies have already gained significant market shares in the supply chains for onshore wind power plants and have made a name for themselves as reliable partners. Their accumulated expertise and detailed knowledge of customer requirements and development potentials make Salzgitter Mannesmann Renewables a strong and dependable partner in the onshore wind energy sector.

In the further development of onshore wind power plants with ever greater heights and higher turbine outputs, our cutting-edge solutions contribute towards cost-effectiveness in power generation. The onshore K-tower developed in cooperation with leading turbine manufacturers provides an innovative solution for foundation systems as an important step towards sustainable energy production across Europe, the USA and Asia on an ever-growing scale. A supplementary repowering concept for old wind parks allows cost-favorable and ecologically meaningful re-use of the old foundations.

Our range of pipe, tube and bends for onshore wind applications comprises tubes for supporting structures and precision tubes for turbine piping (e.g. high-pressure piping, cylinder barrel tubes and piston tubes).


If you have any questions or requirements concerning our activities in the field of onshore wind, please send an email to onshore-wind@szmr.de.


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