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Geothermal energy

Geothermal heat is available in abundance and can provide an invaluable contribution to the energy mix. Our tubes offer reliable long-term resistance to the high loads encountered in that area.

Precision steel tubes for geothermal energy applications

The enormous amounts of geothermal energy deep down in the earth's interior represent a huge source of regenerative energy that is inexhaustible as far as we know. In our days, the possibilities of direct heat utilization and electric current generation in geothermal power plants are far from being exploited.

The demands placed on heat transport systems in the field of geothermal energy are extremely high. With environments and media usually highly corrosive and service temperatures frequently exceeding 100 °C, the tube and pipe products used in exploratory drillings and production wells along with heat transport systems to the centers of consumption are made from special materials with suitable coatings and/or linings.

Our portfolio offers pipes, tubes and bends that perfectly match our customers' requirements and stand up to the most extreme service conditions.

Our Drilmax® precision tubes for drill pipe strings are particularly suited for exploratory drillings. For the completion of production wells we offer HFI-welded steel pipe which has proven itself for many years in the wells of the oil and gas industry. Regarding above-ground applications, our precision tube products have been successfully installed in numerous geothermal power plants. Mannesmann Precision Tubes manufactures steel tubes for the energy industry in mill lengths of up to 30 m.


If you have any questions or requirements concerning our activities in the field of offshore wind, we will be happy to receive your email at geothermal-energy@szmr.de.

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